Fairfax Mason Research Fund at

George Mason University

George Mason University is an inclusive academic community committed to creating a more just, free, and prosperous world. Within Fairfax and the Commonwealth, Mason educates our region’s workforce, serves as an active partner in the arts and business communities, conducts globally respected research, and is a major economic driver for the region.  Recently designated as an R-1 institution, the Fairfax Mason Research Fund will advance the University’s research mission.

Solving the world’s problem today – and predicting solutions for the future: Natural Disaster Response. Smart Cities. Sea Level Rise. Lyme Disease. Urban Science. Anthrax Antidotes.  Potomac River Health. Biodiversity. Life on Pluto. Future Generation Antibiotics.

Contact: Audrey Kelaher   E: akelahe@gmu.edu  T: 703.993.3436