Bethlehem Baptist Church Community Support Program

A beacon of hope in the Route 1 (Richmond Highway) corridor, Bethlehem Baptist provides a footprint of feeding and meeting the needs of the homeless, affordable counseling services to the community, creatively equipping disadvantaged youth with camps and cultural exposure, and sharing parenting tools that nurture parents. Bethlehem intentionally embraces the new mission field of reconciling relationships and building bridges that connect people with shared ideals for a wholesome world.

“We can only imagine the smiles and tears that fell from the faces of our students as they unwrapped their gifts. Your generosity not only provided our children the sense that someone cared about them but also reignited hope and belief. Our families were blessed in so many ways.”

“This writing camp was fun and I learned a lot about myself and my community. I loved the hot lunch and visiting museums.”

Contact: Brenda Faison  E: T: 703.360.8452