2, 3 & 4 - Day Ride

Sunday, September 23, 2018

  • Departure from Blackwater Falls State Park. Recommend that riders have breakfast at the Blackwater Falls State Park lodge by 7:30 am, with a view to departing at 8:00 am. 2-day riders depart for home at time and routes of their choosing.
  • Petersburg, WV. Brief stop at historical Fairfax Line sign. (Interesting note: Lord Fairfax ended his cross-Russia ride at St. Petersburg, Russia.)
  • New Market, VA on US 11 in historic New Market. Unveiling of new Fairfax Line historical sign. (Interesting note: New Market is the site of the Civil War battle that involved 257 cadets who had marched up from Lexington to join the Confederate force. Youngest was 15; oldest 25. 10 cadets were killed or died of wounds. 45 wounded. The Confederates pushed back the Union force.)
  • Skyline Drive. Entry to Shenandoah National Drive is via Thornton Gap (mile marker 31). The required National Park Service permit for a group will be obtained by Lord Fairfax Charity Ride. The ride from Thornton Gap to Big Meadows Campground is generally within the Fairfax Land Grant area, with spectacular views from overlooks. The Park’s highest elevation – 4051 feet – is at Hawksbill (approximately mile 45).
  • Big Meadows Campground. Anticipated arrival is in late afternoon. Reservations by Lord Fairfax Charity Ride will be made on/about March 20, 2018 (earliest possible) for off-shore participants for sites A67 and A69, each of which will accommodate six (6) campers for a total of 12. All other participants should make camping reservations (www.recreation.gov). Please visit our webpage for more info.  At Big Meadows Campground, a concessionaire operates the Big Meadows Lodge. Built in 1939 from stones cut from Massanutten Mountains and Wormy Chestnut trees,[1] Lodge offers 97 rooms and the Spottswood Dining Room. New Market Taproom hosts lighter fare and nightly entertainment. Please visit our webpage for more info. Reservations at: www.goshenandoah.com/lodging/big-meadows-lodge

Monday, September 24, 2018

  • Departure from Big Meadows Campgrounds. Recommend that 4-day riders breakfast at Spottswood dining room (at Big Meadows Lodge) by 7:30 am, with view to departing at 8:00 am.
  • Skyline Drive. Will continue south on Skyline Drive for approximately 14 miles.
  • Departure from Skyline Drive will be via Swift Run Gap (mile marker 65) onto US Route 33 east heading toward Fredericksburg.
  • Northern Neck. Rappahannock River is the southern boundary of Fairfax Land Grant. Ride will be on the south side of River to Tappahannock where it will continue on north side of River and align with Grant boundary to Westmoreland State Park on the Potomac River, the northern boundary of Land Grant.
  • Westmoreland State Park. Remain overnight. Camp sites, cabins and a 16-person lodge (reconstructed from two waterfront houses) are available. Site B40 (with 4 tent sites) has been reserved for off-shore participants. All other participant must make their own reservations. See www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-park/westmoreland and Please visit our webpage for more info.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

  • Departure from Westmoreland State Park. Time as preferred by riders. Off-shore participants will depart at approximately 9:30am.
  • Nearby sites of historical interest:
  • Stratford Hall. A short distance from Park on Route 3 east at Great House Road (well signed). Home of the Lee Family. www.stratfordhall.org
  • George Washington Birthplace National Park. A short distance from the Park on Route 3 west. Birthplace contains a Memorial House and dependencies constructed in 1931 near the site of original Washington home. Excellent exhibits and views. www.nps.gov/gewa
  • Routes home as preferred by riders.

[1] Not a specific specie of Chestnut; refers to American Chestnut trees killed by chestnut blight in early 1900s.